Jamaican Curry Chicken Recipe Video

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  1. Delicious! Turned out great. Used less water and marinade with a little extra virgin olive oil, added a diced tomato and Ms. Dash seasoning(can't find the pepper sauce) marinade for 2 hours vs 1 hour. Last 20 minutes while cooking added sliced peeled potatoes(2). It was amazing. Thank you!

  2. there are different ways to make a dish, i did it Ms Fay way a few months ago cooking for my team, with 4 out of fifteen were Jamaicans. they told me the chicken was delicioius. i wanted to have a little coconut milk flavor so i used dry coconut milk powder and the potatoes, everyone was raving about the chicken. So it goes to say this…there's more than one way to skin a cat ppl. depending on where you come from ppl add something or use what they have ….cooking is fun not English which I know i suck at!

  3. Thank you very much for this recipe and the illustrations that helps a lot. I plan to make my hubby this for dinner on Sunday. It looks so delicious I don't doubt the taste.

  4. It is utterly disrespectful as I read some negative comments , ppl remember that cooking is a creative art , and everyone cooks differently . I thank her for posting this recipe with her method . If u don't like just don't watch … Why watch and waste your time because yuh nuh like dis film??? The ignorance of ppl is real dem

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