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Jamaican Curry Beef


  1. my mum cooked this all the time.. and i loved it… R.I.P too my jamican mother… this clip brings back some cherished moments.

  2. Good day! When and how long do you cook the red potatoes? I hear they take a little longer to cook.

  3. I have two questions for you, are your curry goat, chicken, and beef recipies used in rotis also? Also, do you have a roti recipe. Thanks for your earlier reply.

  4. Great video and instructions! I was always under-cooking my beef! keep making videos :)

  5. When u seasoned the beef u say pepper, do u mean like salt and pepper, pepper? or chilli pepper? im a little confused. 🙂 thank you.

  6. Thanks for the video. As long as I've been around I have never heard of Curry beef til last week. But I will try it. Peace be with you.

  7. hi that look so good,,,What can I use to subtitute wine. hope u reply

  8. I made this for dinner tonight.  Gaaa!  I want to move to Japan and eat like this all the time! :D

  9. Tried it for dinner tonight, soooo delicious and easy too!! Huge thanks!!!

  10. Whats that red vegetable you put after you put it on the rice plate? Were they sweet ginger?

  11. do you have to put in wine? Or is it not that strong when you mix in the broth and curry roux? I've never really liked wine sauces, however if the flavor is mostly drowned out then I suppose that's okay haha.

  12. Wow. I never thought of Japanese food being this good. Will def. look into learning more.

  13. Wow!  You made this look so easy!  I wouldn't have to buy too many special ingredients either.  I will have to give this a try!

  14. i wish you'd show us how to make the roux and curry powder from scratch. japanese ingredients aren't available where i live :/ and obv this would no longer be japanese if i used indian curry powder/any of the five spice mixes :/

  15. Love the recipe but if you use the ingredients as stated, it cooks a ton. Probably enough to feed 6-8 people! I cut the volume in half and it was perfect for 4.

  16. What was the ladle thing you used to skim the top?? I need one of those!! This looks amazing!!

  17. Hi I'm ten and I love cooking. I'm going to make this for my family soon

  18. Hello Namiko Chen! I was wondering if I could use coconut milk instead to make it coconut curry? Thank you! Love your channel! :)

  19. wow, I would have never thought to put gratted apple! Sounds delicious!

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