How to Make the Curry Base for Any Indian Dish (with Babu Ji Chef Jessi Singh)

Tadka is the hot oil and spice mix at the base of many Indian dishes; mastering it’s basic formula means having a myriad of curry options at your fingertips. On this episode of Savvy, learn the tadka basics — plus three ways to spin it — with chef and owner of NYC’s Babu Ji, Jessi Singh. 

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Chicken curry (typical Indian style) cooked outdoor on wood. The charcoal and wood adds a special aroma to the chicken, making it amazingly delicious. It’s very easy to cook and takes less than a hour.

So the next time you go out for camping or picnic do try this delicacy. Your frenz will luv it and title you as a great chef!!
Video Rating: / 5


  1. I am indian and this is actual base for curry and its better than other videos showing curry recipe. But keep in mind indian is a very diverse country and this try of curry base is use in only in punjab and not whole of india.

  2. I love indian food. The curry has the most flavor and best texture when compared to japanese/thai/chinese curry. Too bad it's always so expensive where I live and I'm too lazy to get the ingredients to cook for myself.

  3. I love this base. I usually add minced green, sweet peppers and sometimes hot, red whole red peppers to spice up my dishes. Also if you store this paste in the fridge you can add a spoonful into a pot of rice just before cooking and it makes for a nice generic and flavorful dish. I always top off rice dishes with fresh, chopped cilantro. Thank you for sharing this recipe! Very nice video!

  4. this was good. indian food remains such a mystery and daunting cuisine for so many. this was good- something different- there are enough hipster burger, pulled pork street food truck articles out there. sorry to vent- but the thing i like is when food channels show real people cooking real food- not the new cool dudes every week. I'm sure others agree. hence the popularity of luke peterson.
    thanks -

  5. I love how you guys have gone from making montages of people putting food together to actually having them explain each ingredient. I would still like to get to know the chef that is doing the explaining, but this shows that you guys are putting effort in to improve your channel. Awesome work!

  6. I'm a caretaker for a sweet Indian couple, they just gave me some chicken curry to bring home. What a coincidence. I know what I'm having for dinner tonight :)

  7. Hahaha yaar recipe to bohat mil jati hai youtube pe chicken banane ki lekin most i like the way how you cooking khula asmaan desi jugar aur apki batein haha nice video

  8. बहुत अच्छा। मुझे प्याज डालने का अंदाज बहुत मजेदार लगा। ऐसा लगा जैसे की प्याज की आहुती दे रहे हो।

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