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Highway Chicken Curry


  1. New to your channel but have subscribed , love the way you teach, you make me want to cook it whatever time of day it is. Will be watching all your video's and keep them coming. XXX

  2. O ji namak samak namak samak daal dete haiiii namak samak……..I can't wait to try this at home, my favourite Indian chicken curry.. thank you!

  3. This is not d authentic one…I have never seen such dishes at dhabas. There u find oily and smoking dishes with lots of masala flavours..This seems a bit continental ..don't fool people

  4. Hi guys I have uploaded a new video about making a chicken curry…. So request you all to visit my channel,."the foodie " and enjoy the latest video.

  5. Hello Harpal,

    You are doing a great service for amateur cooks like me. The instructions are easy to follow and story-telling is awesome. Keep up the good work!


  6. Thank you , I will be using the whole garam marsala to cook my mole pablano and mole verde, Mexican cooking. I've learned so much from your videos.

  7. thankyou sir for this receipe n i had a question weda it is necessary to use corn syrup to make marshmallow?

  8. thank u mam I am from nepal and I always follow your recipe thank u so much ..keep teaching us more

  9. fantastic recipe Kabita. You know, I was searching for Just this kind of simple chicken recipe which you so wonderfully provided. so easy and so delicious. I will be making this for my family tonight and I hope to make this as well as you did.

  10. thanks very nice now I know  can mix all this spices the recipe is curry chicken how come you did not put any curry powder  in it .

  11. Thank you for the upload an easy explanation at the bottom of the screen and I am going to try ur way to do this dish. like ur videos Thanks

  12. A nice, straightforward recipe, and that is how home cooking on a daily basis should be. On special occasions, then we can indulge a bit more and make more indulgent curries :)

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