Extreme Spicy Curry Food Challenge (Coco’s Level 10)

20,000 SUBSCRIBER SPECIAL! Today NavaTheBeast, decides to take on the LEVEL 10 SPICY Curry at our local Coco’s here in Japan!
This Food challenge was not fun and defiantly hurt a lot, but I do it for ya’ll! Highly do not recommend attempting this challenge. It honestly feels like your insides are on fire. Other than that the curry was good. Let’s say if we hit 100k, i’ll be doing the ghost pepper challenge! Just because I’ve always wanted to do that lol, but who know’s when we will get there! Hopefully someday, anyways thank you guys for the massive support and I can’t believe we managed to hit almost 25k subs! You guys are the best. Be sure to spread the word!

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  1. Yo Tuffel Hundun!!!! I used to kill it at Co-Co's when I was there and at least ate lvl10 once every other month but always stuck to level 7 dbl chkn cutlet shred beef and cheese w/ 400g I' rice… I miss it so. Every state in the USA Shld have a co-co's curry restaurant.

  2. Any time I watch your videos I'm constantly checking the background for my husband lol I love Coco's I can't wait to be back out there in October, that curry is the best!

  3. Shouldn't have mixed the rice in! You only made more volume of the hot food! Down that curry alone and then have a bunch of plain rice to help calm your mouth down!

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