Enter Curry Heaven | Amazing Indian Cooking, Indian Food in Penang, Malaysia

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Indian Food is abundant in Penang. Almost everywhere you go, you will be able to find amazing Indian food. Whether on the street, or in a restaurant, you can’t go wrong. I brought a couple local friends along with me to my favourite Indian restaurant in Penang!

To me, Indian cuisine is one of the best in the world. Whether indian street food, or indian cooking in a nice restaurant like this one in Penang, I’m in love. I brought these local friends here as a taste test to see whether they would agree that it is amazing food at Sri Ananda Bahwan. We all agreed! We also enjoyed trying indian candy!

In the future, I hope to eat the best street food in india, trying out market street food and indian recipe combos from locals and cooking with them as well, at least that is what the dream is! I would love to go to Dehli, Chennai, and Mumbai!

After spending 2 weeks in Penang, I ate at Sri Ananda Bahwan in Little India probably 5 or more times, it was that good!

Here is what we ordered:

Mutton Rogan Josh: This was an amazingly deep mutton flavoured curry, flowing with juices and quite creamy!

Mutton Punjabi: This was what they served when I asked for the spiciest curry they had! It was quite hot and burning but also very pleasant and smooth!

Tiger Prawns: These were huge prawns cooked in a mild curry.

Garlic Naan: Amazing naan bread to dip in the curries.

Fish Head Curry: This was a classic fish head curry that wasn’t too spicy, stuffed with a big okra and also quite mild.

Banana Leaf: They serve you rice on a banana leaf, with three side dishes to mix with the rice, that are unlimited!

Tandoori Chicken: Amazingly pungent and flavourful tandoori chicken cooked in their own tandoori oven!

It was all topped of with popadom and mango lassi to wash it all down, a truly amazing meal!

My name is Trevor James and I’m a hungry traveler and Mandarin learner that’s currently living in Chengdu,, China, eating up as much delicious Chinese food as I can. I love to eat and travel!

I enjoy tasting and documenting as many dishes as I can and I’m going to make videos for YOU along the way! Over the next few years, I’m going to travel around the world and document as much food as I can for you! I love delicious food! This channel will show you real Chinese food and real local food, not that stuff they serve in the Buzzfeed challenge.

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Learn how to make Chicken Curry with chef Sneha Nair only on Get Curried.

Homemade curries are the best! And one of them is basic chicken curry in South Indian style. It is delicious and mouth watering, pair it up with roti and rice and enjoy this yummy Chicken Curry. So watch and learn how to make Chicken Curry at home with chef Sneha Nair only on Get Curried.

– coconut oil
– ½ tsp of mustard seeds
– handful of curry leaves
– 4 slit chillies
– inch of ginger roughly chopped
– 4 cloves of garlic
– 3 medium size onions thinly sliced
– 1 tsp salt
– half tsp of turmeric
– 1 ½ tsp of red chilli powder
– 6 tsp of coriander powder
– water
– chicken pieces
– ½ cup of coconut milk

– Heat a thick bottom pan and add oil to it
– In the pan add coconut oil, mustard seeds, curry leaves, chillies, ginger, garlic, onions and salt and let the mixture cook
– Add turmeric, red chilli powder, coriander powder and give it a good mix.
– Continue stirring and add some water to bind the spices together.
– Add the chicken pieces to the mixture and mix it properly and keep stirring on high flame for two minutes.
– Add coconut milk and let it rest for 4-5 minutes on low flame.
– Keep the gas on high flame and keep stirring
– Chicken Curry is ready to be served.

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  1. Truly best to eat with hand with amazing indian food. Jealous!!! Want them fresh chapati and all kinds of masala. Big respect to you Trevor as you go for the full experience. You are a beautiful human being.

  2. Hii, I'm seeing your various videos, best presentation from your side also good shooting by ur friend, I like mostly videos in India food, like this video..I think you Indian curry..tell me what is hotel name and which location in this video.

  3. if u come to banglore, india, . try the sufi restaurant. Address: koramangala, 5th cross, above empire hotel.

    and can u go to Jakarta, Indonesia there are so much yummy food u can find there 😀

  5. Namaste James! your first food blog video @chendzu was insane as those chinese dishesh!….just loved it! Hope to see you soon @cityofjoy and the old British capital of INDIA….Kolkata!!! pay a visit and enjoy the bong food and festival! hope to see you soon trevor!

  6. Tried thos out nd really it tasted yummy thanks a lot… Can u please show us how to make typical Kerala paratha ?

  7. Simple & Amazing , coconut milk enhance the flavor of gravy…..Thanks for this wonderful recipe ..

  8. Great recipe. I made it last night and it came out wonderfully. After I coated chicken with masala in a pan, I added coconut milk and let everything simmer for 15 mins on low to medium flame. Chicken came out very tender. I used boneless chicken thighs. Happy cooking

  9. This is exactly how my mum makes.. So yummy and homely it feels to see your vdo.. I really admire you.. Keep cooking.. :)

  10. does it really get cooked in just about 10 mins?? 2 minutes mixing the chicken with masala, 4 mins in low flame and 5 in high flame…please add accurate timings in your videos..thank you

  11. Any idea how to know if chicken is cooked through completely just by look like this chef does?

  12. Wow, I'm drooling here. I'm so happy I found this channel. We're loving your recipes and I personally really enjoy the background music. Thank You for another great recipe. Kindest regards from England.xx

  13. I'm born in South African, South Indian descendant. This is not curry from where i am from. Curry cooked by "Indians" in South Africa is way hotter than this. A teaspoon of chili powder was used in this recipe. Here we use around 6 TABLESPOONS. Keen to try this recipe though.

  14. Nice & simple recipe. Love the background music Sneha. Can you please teach me how to make Thoran and pachadi

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