The Best Fluffy Pancakes recipe you will fall in love with. Full of tips and tricks to help you make the best pancakes.

Eating Delicious Lamb Meat & Chicken @hodgetwins


  1. Hmm… that's two of my favourites from India. Chicken Tikka on Plain Basmati Rice with some sort of Lamb Gosht on the side & some salad action!!! Em-em–em with all dhem seasonings. All kinds!!!

  2. that's punjabi food not afghan not Indian but punjabi food or punjabi Pakistani or Indian that lamb curry its delicious

  3. Omg! I tried it just as you did! It was amazing! Really! Thank you so much Sir! :D

  4. The most important aspect of your recipes are the way you explain fine details to get the best. Thanks sir.

  5. Chef Singh, I have tried several of your recipes. Kadhi is one that I have made regularly following your video. In the past my kadhi was always lacking something but your recipe is incredible and the kadhi is perfect every single time. I also have mad e your vegetable biriyani which came out perfect. I cannot wait to try dal makhni and veg seek kebabs and paneer kebabs! Thank you for bringing life back into cooking and sharing the tricks that allow for perfect Indian food!

  6. what an amazing message ! Indian food global 🙂 and soo humble …so informative …such a clean recpie . The best thing is that the ingredients are not lost in the making…Pranic value is retained . two thumbs up !

  7. please can we have more vegetarian recipes, I love your style of cooking, so simple yet soooo tastey!!!! Thank you Chef Harpal.

  8. Thank you so much Chef Harpal. I tried Veg Sheek kababs step by step. It turned amazing and delicious. Just loved it. Thanks for all the tips you give in between. 

  9. Thank you so much Chef Harpal. Please do more veggie, meatless and meat substitute foods. 

  10. Can I make the raw kebabs and put them on skewer ahead of time and put them in the oven when my guests arrive?

  11. Sir I waan make it in microwave..pls suggest the temp and in which mode can I cook it for best result…

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