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Curry and Rice Recipe – Japanese Cooking 101


  1. I have the golden curry brand it says one cube for 1.5 L of water can I cut it to smaller pieces because am cooking for 1 person

  2. i thought you use korean rice. but i realize at the end it was curry and rice. what the.

  3. thank you! i tried to decipher the instructions on the back of the curry sauce packet, but my hair is not that good… 😛

  4. thanks Noriko and Yuko. I did this yesterday. with ingredients I can find here in Brazil. was great. my wife did love and so do I.

  5. Do try S&B demiglace powder. It is awesome and you can control more of the spices that goes into the curry!

  6. Watched this video with my daughter. She helped me make our first Japanese curry! Can't wait to try it. It's bubbling away right now. Thank you!

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