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Chicken Curry (Pinoy Style) Recipe


  1. bakit nung priniti ko po yung potato and chicken didn't turn golden brown please help chef

  2. thank you chef now that I am pregnant I always love to cook. I alwats watch your video's before cooking and I really enjoy it at the same time I learned a lot.

  3. what if walang luya? pwede bang iboil nalang yung chicken para matanggal yung lansa?

  4. Hahahahaha…..this is not chicken curry,it's a tomato paste curry in which she added the added….the point is the chicken is not the basic,what I meant was that the chicken is being added as accessories to the tomato paste curry…..LMAO

  5. its great you explained everything about recipe and i really help us people abroad where we cook by our self, thanks

  6. Hi guys I have uploaded a new video about making a chicken curry…. So request you all to visit my channel,."the foodie " and enjoy the latest video.

  7. awesome recipe. For the first time in my life I prepared chicken and it came out really well.

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