BEEF VINDALOO (Pakistani) Bajias Cooking

For this recipe start frying the sliced 2 md sz onions with oil ½ – ¾ cup until its brown in oil. Add 1 whole garlic L sz, 2 L sz tomatoes sliced and mix it, add 1¼ kg beef, 1ts full salt, 1ts full chilli powder, 1ts full coriander powder, 1ts full cumin seeds and ½ ts turmeric. Cover and cook on md heat until the beef releases water then pressure cook depending upon your pressure cooker you can increase or decrease the time. Then open the pressure cooker add ½ ts ground garam masala, ½ ts full whole black pepper and 1 L sz bay leaf. Fry well until the oil separates. Add tomato paste 2 tbs and fry it then add 1 L spoon of Greek style yogurt, mix it well and add 1 L habanero chilli, 5-6 green chillies, fresh coriander.

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  1. as salam alaikum bajia.aapki rec bohot achi hoti hai lekin aapse ye poochna tha ki aap mutton ya keeme ko wash karti hai?? it always looks like unwashed

  2. Hello Bajiya, I love all your recipes and regularly make them but this is not how vindaloo is made. You have to dip red chillies, garlic, etc in vinegar for about an hour and make a paste and then fry the meat in it. The term "vindaloo" is an Indianised Portuguese concoction of the words "vin" = vinegar and "alho" = garlic. Tomatoes, yogurt and garam masala are never used.

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